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My number one New Year’s resolution is to help find answers about how the world really works

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“We’d already thought up the title for this song, but it wasn’t until Barry, Maurice, and I drove from Biscayne Bay to Miami that we realized what the tune was going to be. We had the idea as we passed over a bridge. Some tar noises made a rhythmic sound…

What’s Next for 2022?

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One year ago, December 2020.

Virtual conferences and webinars that focused on the “new normal” filled my calendar. The idea was simple. The pandemic forced us to make certain choices in education, work, and life. Remote teaching. Working from home. Home entertainment.

The organized discussions made perfect sense to me…

Time isn’t always on your side.

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“Hey, Siri.”


“Can you open Spotify and play ‘Caught Somewhere in Time’ by Iron Maiden?”

Tuesday morning, 07.15 AM. I’m in my car but not moving. Traffic is back.

Siri executes my request.

“Caught Somewhere in Time 2015 Remaster by Iron Maiden now playing on Spotify.”

“Hey, Siri, thanks”

Erik P.M. Vermeulen

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