Great article! In Seven “Corporate Venturing” Strategies to Foster Innovation, we also tackle the question: What should large corporations do to avoid being disrupted by more agile and innovative startups?

The answer: The most innovative “established” companies now recognize that “corporate venturing” strategies are crucial in ensuring that they are not consumed by the negative effects of a “corporate attitude” (an internal corporate culture dominated by overly conservative and bureaucratic decision-making, static-closed-hierarchical organizational forms, and a myopic focus on formalistic regulatory compliance and maximizing shareholder value).

Key corporate venturing strategies include:

1 Acknowledging the benefits of “fluid or porous boundaries” between the “established company” and startups as a way to maximize opportunities for mutual learning (e.g., co-working spaces).

2 Preserving the unique identity of an acquired startup and not assimilating it into an established corporate culture.

3 Creating a “corporate environment” that treats all “employees” as if they were entrepreneurs.

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