I’m Not an AI-Bot, I’m a Free Man

“Professors need their own bots.” “Digital doubles,” he called them. “To make it easier for students to connect and learn.”

Erik P.M. Vermeulen, PhD
6 min readApr 26, 2024
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“Hi, could I please have a word with Professor Vermeulen?” the student asked.

“This is Erik Two. How may I assist you?” the bot replied helpfully.

“How can I reach Professor Vermeulen? I need to speak with him — some questions about the assignment”

“Erik Prime is currently unavailable, but I can assist you. I am his AI doppelganger — version 1.0. I know everything he knows, a perfect simulation. And on some points, I may even be an improvement. How may I assist you?”

The student asked the bot’s opinion on the future of AI and how to prepare for it.

“That’s an interesting question, for sure. I am . . . We are the future. AI will soon take over most human work, allowing our human masters more free time to live the life they have always dreamt of — a healthy, more balanced life of entertainment and fun. Far less stress and no more burnout. I know that from now on Erik Prime wishes me to deal with all students’ questions and inquiries. I think he is tired and wants to free up time to enjoy life with his wife and dog.”



Erik P.M. Vermeulen, PhD

Prof (law) exploring the collision of life, work, and technology, with a current project in the works - a sci-fi novel.