Last Week a Simple T-Shirt Saved My Life

Why it’s crucial to focus on the little things in life

Erik P.M. Vermeulen, PhD
3 min readSep 2, 2022


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A favorite T-shirt makes you genuinely happy and helps you succeed in life. The soft fabric gives you power. Wear it and be ready to conquer the world.

Conversely, a day without your beloved piece of clothing is so much more uncomfortable. It can even make you feel nervous and incomplete.

OK. There you have it. It’s the little things in life that make you happy. This isn’t new, but somehow, we often forget about it.

My 3.5 oz T-Shirt

I had a shitty summer.

My dad passed away. Unexpected. And so unreal. No day passes by that I am not thinking of him. I want to talk to him, text him, and share my daily adventures and non-adventures.

Then I got corona. With all the restrictions lifted, it was hard to prevent getting infected when living in a city packed to the brim with people. These people tried to convince me not to worry. “Covid is nothing more than catching a cold,” they told me.

So, I learned the hard way not to always believe what people tell me. My experience is that Covid-19 is more than just a cold. Notably, the after-effects are more serious. My energy hasn’t reached pre-corona levels yet. And my daily runs haven’t felt so tiring in years.

Out of shape. No vacation. Duty calls. I was wondering what to do to get out of this dark place.

And then “help” came from an unexpected place. A T-shirt. The simplest version I have. So light — only 3.5 oz. So soft. So comfortable. So versatile.

The Right Decision

I bought my T-shirt online during the first lockdown. I needed a shirt that looked good and stylish on camera. No logos. No graphics. No collar. It should be easy and comfortable to wear. And good for layering when it got cooler outside. Because I spent most of the day in my “home office” in front of computer screens, I could not stand thick and stiff clothes.

With its blend of cotton (55%), rayon (37%), and elastane (8%), I found the perfect match.



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