Nothing Is More Fun Than Watching Sports the Gen-X Way!

What if data and logic aren’t the answer to everything?

Erik P.M. Vermeulen, PhD
5 min readMay 10, 2024
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“It’s unbelievable how much you don’t know about the game you’ve been playing all your life.”

This quote opens the 2011 movie Moneyball, which resonated with me back then.

I watched the movie and then read the book — Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game. I was fascinated by how statistical data could transform professional sports.

As a university researcher, I was already convinced that data and analytics were critical tools for understanding and solving life’s problems and driving innovation.

The book and movie strengthened my belief that using big data and data analytics is vital in the present and future of everything. Nothing else mattered.

But that was then; this is now.

Today, I believe the future belongs to those willing to experiment and explore uncharted territories. They may find answers in the shadows of nature and society that cannot be illuminated by data.

Data Rules, No Diggity?

“Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion.”



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