Share Your Ideas! Build a Community! …Who is Best Connected Wins in the Platform Economy

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A “platform economy” experiment in a Creative Thinking class at Kyushu University in Fukuoka, Japan

But … What is the Platform Economy?

The platform economy is all about sharing. Sharing means offering an opportunity for service or content providers to connect directly with user-consumers. The key innovation of the platform economy is an online platform that facilitates direct interaction. Again, think Uber, or AirBnB. Without the platform, the providers and consumers wouldn’t be able to connect. Or, at least, the costs of connecting would be prohibitively high.

Responses to the New World of Platforms

Politicians, regulators (local, national and international) and incumbents have reacted to the new realities of a platform economy in different ways:

Response 1: Resisting

For many, fear of the new challenge creates a strong incentive to resist. Incumbents, challenged by new players, pressurize policy-makers to preserve the status quo. New regulations often prohibit, or otherwise limit, commercial exploitation of new business models.

Response 2: Paying Lip Service

A second response to the new world recognizes that it cannot be ignored. The language of sharing is embraced, but nothing substantive really changes. Lip service is paid to the image, ideas and values of the platform economy, but regulatory models or business structures don’t change.

Response 3: Embracing the New World

The third response is to buy into this idea of change and to make a genuine attempt to adapt to the new world. This means constantly re-inventing what is done based around platforms.

The Future …

The platform economy will solve many problems and create new opportunities. Sure, traditional jobs may disappear, but the platform economy will create new jobs.

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