The Biggest Mistake Made by Generation X

Our democracy is at stake.

Erik P.M. Vermeulen, PhD
5 min readMay 24, 2024
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“We have a problem that needs fixing now,” one of my colleagues stated passionately at a meeting earlier this week.

“The younger generation isn’t interested in politics, and a declining percentage of them actually vote during elections. They also suffer more from depression and have less sex,” he said, referring to recent statistics and media articles.

Like my colleague, I love teaching. Working with younger generations on our future feels impactful and meaningful.

I dislike meetings, though. They are often slow and tedious. I try to avoid them as much as possible, but when there is a meeting about the future of education, I generally make an exception.

The agenda? Education in a Digital Age.

The topic of this meeting didn’t sound that exciting anymore: Education in the Digital Age is something we have been discussing for a while now, and nothing appears to be changing.

But this time, the agenda showed that they particularly wanted to discuss the impact of artificial intelligence and social media on students' development and, more specifically, how education should protect students against the threats and problems related to these digital trends.



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