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The “CNN-Casey Neistat” Model … How to Become a More Agile, Productive & Innovative Company

CNN gets it. Companies must constantly reinvent themselves to be best prepared for future opportunities and challenges.

Opportunities and Challenges in the “New” Economy

We live in a new economy that is characterized by technological disruption, sharing and the proliferation of platforms. The economy generates a continuous flow of new opportunities that are transforming the way we live and work.

Surviving Means Reinventing Yourself

In today’s business environment, every company has become a technology company. This means that every company needs to embrace the new economy. Companies that adopt and maintain an entrepreneurial spirit will be the “winners” of the future. To become more entrepreneurial, innovative and responsive, even established companies must reinvent themselves.

The “Corporate — Startup” Partnership

In recent years, a great deal has been written on the benefits of partnerships between corporations and startups.

The CNN — Casey Neistat model

CNN, when they acquired control over Beme, did not seek to assimilate it into CNN’s existing organization and structure.

What’s Next?

Startup companies are increasingly challenging major established corporations in the new economy. To deal with the challenges, corporations put in place strategies that should help them reinvent themselves. Recapturing the “startup feel” is viewed as crucial. However, many of these strategies are mere theater and merely feed the inherent skepticism that surrounds much of what established firms are doing.

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