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Professor • Lawyer • Restaurant Owner — Gamer • Ultra Runner • One Dog’s Best Friend

Let’s help AI change the world for the better together.

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“I will sell you a brand-new car with the latest technology — and at a big discount — but afterwards I will sell all of your personal information — your contact details, your driving behavior, where you have been and the places you visited, who was in your car, what…

But there’s hope.

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“We need your help again. You remember the Millennial intern you introduced to us earlier this year. She worked miracles.”

My friend who works at a big multinational had texted me. He wanted to talk.

It was no surprise to hear that the intern was a big hit. I’ve always…

But don’t count on lawyers or laws to fix any problems

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What’s not to love about the platform economy?

We’re always connected, continuously receive new information, and can buy everything we want online.

And when the Internet and one or more social media platforms are down or not accessible, we feel agitated — nervous and cut off from family, friends, and…

What happens when the creator economy meets a traditional industry

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Let’s talk about one of Shakespeare’s most memorable quotes.

“The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers?”

Great, I hear you think. Or, maybe you take the opposite view.

There are many (most likely too many) bad lawyers out there. The stories about terrible lawyer experiences abound. I…

It’s Time!

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“Education is the key to a better future.”

That has always been my considered opinion. My standard answer whenever I was involved in discussions about the world’s most dramatic problems. Climate change. Social injustice. Disruptive technologies.

“The education system is broken.”

But I also had this nagging sense that the…

The world needs help right now, and life lessons can come from unexpected places.

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I don’t want to overstep any boundaries here. I know my place. Companion. Best friend. Family happiness officer. But I can’t keep quiet any longer. Because you guys sure need help. So, I’m here to share some of my knowledge and insights with you. Things that I’ve seen and learned.

Go ahead. Talk sh*t about my generation.

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It’s 8 AM. I wake up bathed in sweat. Agitated. Scared even. One of those dreams that felt a little too real.

It’s a Monday morning. I wish it was Sunday. I’m in an extreme hurry. My turn for the school run. The kids are now safely at school. Mission…

Netflix drama “The Chair” reveals education’s fatal flaw

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It’s a beautiful Wednesday morning in late August. I am excited, getting ready for the first “school day.” I’m on my way to welcome the new students on campus. It feels like ages since I met them in person. I only saw last year’s students online.

I pull into campus…

The next “big thing” is finally here, and I just tried it

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Spirit of Adventure

Someone once told me that being a professor is one of the best jobs in the world. “It gives you the gift of time and freedom. And that is a precious commodity in today’s world.”

Sometimes, it is easy to forget this gift. Creeping administrative duties and a stupid bureaucracy…

How “outsourced thinking” is changing the way we learn.

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Back in the office. The open-plan office.

I had forgotten how being nudged together creates opportunities for unexpected interaction (good, as well as bad).

“What do you do if you want to learn something new?”

My colleague’s question surprised me. She wasn’t the sort of person to ordinarily ask advice…

Erik P.M. Vermeulen

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