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Change can lead to amazing things

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“I’m home.”

For the last thirty minutes or so, our dog was waiting for my wife, Ingrid, to come through the front door.

As always, she is overjoyed to hear Ingrid’s voice. Her tail is wagging so fast that it appears to vibrate. And this time, there is more. Her…

Time isn’t always on your side.

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“Hey, Siri.”


“Can you open Spotify and play ‘Caught Somewhere in Time’ by Iron Maiden?”

Tuesday morning, 07.15 AM. I’m in my car but not moving. Traffic is back.

Siri executes my request.

“Caught Somewhere in Time 2015 Remaster by Iron Maiden now playing on Spotify.”

“Hey, Siri, thanks”

Maybe. But there’s something we can do about it . . .

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I am not in the habit of listening to other people’s conversations. But sometimes, it is unavoidable. Voices are too loud, and the topic is too interesting or close to home to be ignored.

So, last week, when I was waiting for a friend in a coffee shop, I did…

But don’t count on lawyers or laws to fix any problems

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What’s not to love about the platform economy?

We’re always connected, continuously receive new information, and can buy everything we want online.

And when the Internet and one or more social media platforms are down or not accessible, we feel agitated — nervous and cut off from family, friends, and…

What happens when the creator economy meets a traditional industry

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Let’s talk about one of Shakespeare’s most memorable quotes.

“The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers?”

Great, I hear you think. Or, maybe you take the opposite view.

There are many (most likely too many) bad lawyers out there. The stories about terrible lawyer experiences abound. I…

Erik P.M. Vermeulen

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