Video Gaming Prof • Middle-Aged Ultra Runner — on a self-learning journey

Try to spend more time on self-learning (and less time on pointless meetings).

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What version of yourself do you want others to see? And what strategies do you use to project that image?

Many people are inclined to show others that they are swamped at work. It demonstrates that they’re in demand, successful, and important. Busy is good. Being busy shows you matter.

I catch myself doing this. My standard answer to the “how are you doing-question” is: “Good, but busy.”

I typically don’t explain what I am doing. Perhaps, I should. If you want to convey a convincing image of being busy, give details. The crucial projects you’re working on. The number of emails you’ve received. …

I Lost Weight and Never Felt Better. Here are five takeaways from my journey to become an ultra runner.

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I was wrong.

I loved my hectic life without any routines. Routine was equivalent to dull — a Groundhog Day feeling. But after I’ve learned to establish an exercise routine, I feel happier and more productive. Plus, I lost 25 pounds in less than a year without changing my diet.

A year ago, at about the same time in January, I was trying to figure out how my travel plans could fit into my already busy schedule. It was a real challenge. I received more invitations to speak at conferences and give workshops than the year before. Things went well, and I felt lucky. I loved the travel and exposure. Every day was different. Every day was an adventure. I was a citizen of the world. A daily routine wasn’t my thing. …

Self-learning is the future and quickly becoming a lifestyle.

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I still remember my first day as a teacher — nervous but excited and confident. Well-prepared, I entered the classroom and asked the students if they had read the set pages from the textbook. I had memorized my lecture and had a fabulous presentation.

The students loved the class, and I slept so well that night. It was the start of a fascinating, rewarding, and enriching journey.

I am happy I listened to one of my professors when I was still a student: “You should consider a career as a teacher.”

I love to teach and share my knowledge and experience with the students. After class, I’m always full of energy. We all know that feeling — that we can conquer the world. …

We don’t really want to give up city-life, do we?

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We miss our city-life.

We love to live and work in cities. And if you’re looking for action, you visit a city. Over the last decades or so, they have become more alluring than ever as they provide more and more people with chances, opportunities, and happiness. Culture and Convenience. Arts and Entertainment.

Cities have become magnets for people who are attracted to creativity and design. If you can make it in the biggest cities, you can make it anywhere — so the story goes.

I’ve been lucky to be able to visit some of the most fantastic cities in the world. …

First, I am going to toss out the old “blueprints.”

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What a year. Everything was different.

And, I don’t know about you, but I really needed a break.

It’s time for reflection, but also to make some hard choices. And I don’t mean the usual New Year resolutions we make every year. Less sugar. More gym.

We need something totally different.

But big life choices are harder when there is so much uncertainty and we don’t know what the future will bring.

Day-to-day routines are constantly changing. What will happen with work-from-home? And what about travel? Schools? Shopping?

I see the confusion with my students. They had it all figured out before, but now they suddenly find that their dreams and plans might not work anymore. The uncertainty makes them nervous and more and more of them are considering remaining students and enrolling in another school or program. …

This doesn’t seem right. Isn’t learning amongst the most beautiful things in life?

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“Did you hate school? I know I did.”

I was asked this question last week. And it made me think.

I didn’t hate school. But I don’t want to call it a fun experience either. It was a mandatory stage of life. Something I had to go through. The diplomas and degrees were necessary to open the doors to a career. It was a time of ups and downs. Probably, more ups, in my case, but I know many people for whom the downs prevailed.

This question is more relevant than ever.

Performance pressure at school (for teachers as well as students) has significantly increased in recent years. I hear too many stories about students suffering from stress due to the workload and the lack of time. Education has succumbed to administrative rules and procedures. It has become a straitjacket that often inhibits experimentation and innovation. …

What is The Way?

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I have found a new way to live my life. A new reality. It’s called home. I work from home, work-out from home, and teach from home.

In my “old” reality, I was always on the move. Constantly commuting and traveling. Attending meetings and making presentations. One of the highlights of my life was to return home — home was a sanctuary, a place to escape from reality.

And when I was at home, I rarely watched TV shows. I turned on the television late at night to flick through the channels for a few moments before going to bed.

One year ago, I could not have imagined that there was another way. …

Will chess still make you smarter in today’s world?

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I love it when a TV series becomes more than just a TV show.

A TV show that sparks your interest, brings back memories, and sets off fascinating discussions on social media is so much more entertaining during these dark and cold days in December. And, when a show makes you think about other and greater things, it deserves a bonus.

The Netflix miniseries, The Queen’s Gambit, fits the bill.

I watched it a few weeks ago, but the many YouTube videos and media posts that replay the chess games and analyze the moves continue to fascinate me every day. …

Welcome to the future of teaching and learning

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2020 has been a frustrating year for students.

Campuses are in lockdown and listening to yet another professor who still hasn’t mastered the many available online conferencing tools is infuriating.

“Prof., you are still on mute. You need to push the microphone button.”

And the teachers? Well, they are also frustrated. It’s hard to teach interactively when you are sat in front of your computer, talking to a camera.

“Hello. Is anyone out there? Can you see my screen?”

And, for sure, the online environment makes it so much easier for students to leave the class or simply disengage from the content. …

Dear Mr. Musk…

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Congratulations on the successful launch of the Dragon capsule.

Like many, I watched the launch with great excitement. The technology is amazing, and I can see that we have entered a new era where commercial providers like Space X are the dominant players in space exploration.

The launch was a welcome distraction from everything that is happening “down here” on Mother Earth. For a few moments, at least, you gave us a glimpse of the future.

I understand that you cannot solve all of our problems. But there is one other thing, you might consider doing for us.

We are all longing for the end of 2020. …

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