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Are you tired of stories that help you to be successful?

I know I am.

I used to take such advice very seriously. I found it inspiring and believed it laid out a pathway for my own success.

So, I wanted to learn from the “best of the best.” I needed to know Elon Musk’s morning routine. It was important to read the books that Bill Gates recommended. I wanted to run like Killian Jornet — winner of some of the most challenging ultramarathons.

I was overly ambitious — continuously chasing dreams and trying to outperform others. It was all…

“Money” or “experience”? And the winner is…

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“Do you want to be a teacher?”

It didn’t take long for me to answer the question.

I had several other job offers. The non-teaching jobs would have immediately resulted in six-figure salaries and other significant perks. Car. Representation allowance. Smartphone. Status.

But it isn’t all about the money.

I felt attracted to the teaching profession. I had given presentations to bigger audiences before, and I loved it — communicating a clear message and reading the crowd. I had talent. …

My experiment with “open-world” learning.

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Student life is miserable these days.

The experience doesn’t come close to what was expected. And the number of complaints is increasing.

“I ‘sit’ in front of my computer, trying to stay awake during yet another crappy live stream of yet another boring class. The best thing is my own reflection on my laptop screen.”

“The pre-recorded videos are better — they give me more freedom and flexibility. But old-world education squeezed into a laptop is still a lousy substitute for on-campus life.”

“Student life is lonely these days. I feel I am ‘drifting into the arena of the unwell’”

Why working from home is the perfect opportunity for “reverse aging.” At least, it has been for me.

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Age is a funny thing.

You often hear that it’s becoming less important. Age categories are blurring. Opportunities and expectations are no longer age specific.

But I am not so sure. The “older” I get, the more I notice instances of age discrimination. Sometimes subtle or hidden, sometimes obvious.

I heard a conversation on the radio the other day between the host and one of his listeners about TikTok music trends. When the host realized that he was talking to a middle-aged man, he acted surprised:

“This is fantastic. Everyone is welcome on this show. …

Any why, as a teacher, I am part of the solution

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“Who runs the world?”

I asked my wife this question last week. She responded instantly. “Girls” she shouted, referring to Beyoncé’s song about female empowerment: Run the World (Girls).

She started singing.

“My persuasion

Can build a nation

Endless Power

With our love we can devour

You’ll do anything for me.”

She made some of the typical Beyoncé moves to emphasize her answer — only the wind machine was missing.

My wife’s response got me thinking. Beyoncé is right. Real power comes from persuasion. The ability to convince others to do what you want.

“You’ll do anything for me.”


Try to spend more time on self-learning (and less time on pointless meetings).

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What version of yourself do you want others to see? And what strategies do you use to project that image?

Many people are inclined to show others that they are swamped at work. It demonstrates that they’re in demand, successful, and important. Busy is good. Being busy shows you matter.

I catch myself doing this. My standard answer to the “how are you doing-question” is: “Good, but busy.”

I typically don’t explain what I am doing. Perhaps, I should. If you want to convey a convincing image of being busy, give details. The crucial projects you’re working on. The number…

I Lost Weight and Never Felt Better. Here are five takeaways from my journey to become an ultra runner.

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I was wrong.

I loved my hectic life without any routines. Routine was equivalent to dull — a Groundhog Day feeling. But after I’ve learned to establish an exercise routine, I feel happier and more productive. Plus, I lost 25 pounds in less than a year without changing my diet.

A year ago, at about the same time in January, I was trying to figure out how my travel plans could fit into my already busy schedule. It was a real challenge. I received more invitations to speak at conferences and give workshops than the year before. Things went well…

Self-learning is the future and quickly becoming a lifestyle.

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I still remember my first day as a teacher — nervous but excited and confident. Well-prepared, I entered the classroom and asked the students if they had read the set pages from the textbook. I had memorized my lecture and had a fabulous presentation.

The students loved the class, and I slept so well that night. It was the start of a fascinating, rewarding, and enriching journey.

I am happy I listened to one of my professors when I was still a student: “You should consider a career as a teacher.”

I love to teach and share my knowledge and…

We don’t really want to give up city-life, do we?

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We miss our city-life.

We love to live and work in cities. And if you’re looking for action, you visit a city. Over the last decades or so, they have become more alluring than ever as they provide more and more people with chances, opportunities, and happiness. Culture and Convenience. Arts and Entertainment.

Cities have become magnets for people who are attracted to creativity and design. If you can make it in the biggest cities, you can make it anywhere — so the story goes.

I’ve been lucky to be able to visit some of the most fantastic cities in…

First, I am going to toss out the old “blueprints.”

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What a year. Everything was different.

And, I don’t know about you, but I really needed a break.

It’s time for reflection, but also to make some hard choices. And I don’t mean the usual New Year resolutions we make every year. Less sugar. More gym.

We need something totally different.

But big life choices are harder when there is so much uncertainty and we don’t know what the future will bring.

Day-to-day routines are constantly changing. What will happen with work-from-home? And what about travel? Schools? Shopping?

I see the confusion with my students. They had it all figured…

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